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Allergy and Immunology

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The Sinus and Allergy Program at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine is committed to providing comprehensive and state of the art patient care. To this end, the University has assembled a team of world renowned physicians who specialize in treating a vast array of common and rare sinonasal disorders that affect patient health and quality of life. Often individuals never consider the impact that a normal functioning nose and sinuses has on their sense of well-being, until disease strikes. Inability to breathe through the nose, recurring sinonasal infections, chronic facial pain and headaches, and loss of taste and smell, are common symptoms that if left untreated can result a poor quality of life, with inability to sleep normally, poor work performance, as well as potential devastating complications (meningitis, brain and orbital abscesse/infections, blindness, and death). The physicians at the Sinus and Allergy Program are committed to determining the underlying cause of these problems, and develop an effective treatment plan for these conditions.