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Carl E. Orringer, M.D.

New Faculty Cardiologist to Lead Novel Preventive Cardiovascular Program

June 10, 2014

For Carl E. Orringer, M.D., the newest faculty member in the Cardiovascular Division, the move from Cleveland to Miami is a homecoming. Orringer is a triple ’Cane, with a B.A. in chemistry (1970), an M.D. (1974) and a residency at Jackson Memorial Hospital (1977). Thirty-seven years later, he’s back, bringing with him a high-profile cardiovascular disease-prevention program that he developed.

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Gillian Hotz, Ph.D., stands outside the east gate of the White House before attending the Healthy Kids and Safe Sports Concussion Summit.

Miami Project Researcher Attends White House Concussion Conference

June 06, 2014

Gillian Hotz, Ph.D., research professor of neurological surgery, Director of the UHealth Sports Medicine Concussion Program and of several programs at The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis, attended the White House Healthy Kids and Safe Sports Concussion Summit on May 29. Joining her were young athletes, coaches, parents, NFL players, military representatives and other stakeholders.

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