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Malcolm R. Bullock, M.D., Ph.D.

General Information

Malcolm R. Bullock, M.D., Ph.D.


  • Fax: 305-243-3337


  • Neurological Surgery


English, French, Spanish

Clinical Areas

Traumatic Brain Injury.  General Neurosurgery


  • Clinical Director Neurotrauma Program
  • Professor of Neurological Surgery

Research Interests

Pathomechanisms of TBI, neuroprotection trials, neuromonitoring, and the role of stem cells in regeneration and repair.


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Chair, DOD subcommitte on TBI
Elected permanent board member, Congressionally Mandated Defense Health Board
Advisory board, Oxygen Biotherapeutics
President, National Neurotrauma Society
US Patent #12/469,409 "Method of Treating Traumatic Brain Injury with PFC"
Olivecrona award. Karolinska institute, Stockholm. Service to Head injury
Chairman, Trauma Section, AANS/CNS
President, US Neurotrauma Society


Dr. Ross Bullock is presently a Professor at the Department of Neurological Surgery at the University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine. He also serves as the Director of Clinical Neurotrauma at Jackson Memorial Hospital. He served as both President of the U.S. National Neurotrauma Society and as Chairman of the Trauma Section of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons. He has been Principal Investigator of an NINDS Program Project Grant (Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)) and an RO1 on Endogenous Stem Cell Regeneration in TBI.

He has generated over $11M in previous research support for TBI, and his current funding includes a Department of Defense (DOD) funded trial of Oxycyte perfluorocarbon in severe human TBI. Dr. Bullock is the Principal Investigator at University of Miami for several other funded TBI trials. He obtained his medical training in Birmingham, U.K., and completed his residency training in Durban, South Africa, and Glasgow, Scotland. He was Deputy Editor of the Journal of Neurotrauma for 14 years and is a reviewer for thirteen other journals, for the DOD, and for the National Institute of Health.

Dr. Bullock’s research interests include pathomechanisms of TBI, neuroprotection trials, neuromonitoring, and the role of stem cells in regeneration and repair. He has co-authored four sets of management guidelines, four books, and over 250 papers. His clinical interests include vascular and general neurosurgery, as well as TBI management.


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