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Corinna Levine, M.D.

General Information

Corinna  Levine, M.D.



  • Otolaryngology



Clinical Areas

Diseases of the nose and sinuses

Rhinitis (nasal drainage or drip)

Nasal obstruction (nasal blockage, nasal congestion, inability to breath through nose)

Septal deviation (nasal blockage, nasal congestion)

Persistent or recurrent nosebleeds

Acute and chronic sinus disease

Nasal polyps

Endoscopic repair of Skull Base Defects

Cerebrospinal Fluid Leak (CSF leak, brain fluid leak)


Endoscopic removal of tumors in nose, sinuses, or skull base

Inverting papilloma and benign masses

Malignant tumors 

Pituitary or base of the skull tumors (in collaboration with neurosurgery)

Endoscopic Orbital Surgery

Endoscopic Orbital decompression for Graves-related proptosis

Endoscopic Dacrocystorhinosocpy (decompress lacrimal duct and sac)

Biopsy or removal of endoscopically accessible orbital tumors



  • American Board of Otolaryngology


  • Assistant Professor - Rhinology and Skull Base Surgery
  • Clinical Rhinologist (Allergy and Sinus)

Research Interests

Outcomes research in diseases of the sinuses and skull base tumors

Quality of life after sinusitis treatment 

Cost-effective sinusitis treatment 

Examining the impact of health disparities and differences in access to healthcare and health resources on sinusitis and skull base tumor treatment outcomes 

Measuring quality in sinusitis and skull base tumor treatment

Advancement of minimally invasive transnasal endoscopic surgical techniques for treating skull base defects and sinonasal/skull base neoplasms. 


2016 Rhinology and Skull-Base Fellowship
University of Miami - Miller School of Medicine
2015 Residency
University of Washington
2011 Masters - Public Health
University of Washington
2008 MD
Yale University
2003 BA
Cornell University of Arts and Sciences

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