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Kidney Transplant: The Story of a Brother’s Ultimate Gift

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In this episode of Breakthrough Medicine, UHealth’s television documentary series, we watch as experts from the Miami Transplant Institute give a busy dentist with a severe kidney condition the opportunity to live an active, dialysis-free life by replacing his kidney with tissue transplanted from his brother.

The Miami Transplant Institute

The Miami Transplant Institute is considered one of the leading transplant centers in the world with a major role in kidney,liver, intestinal, heart, Lung and pancreas transplantation. It also has unique programs in multi-visceral (multi-organ).

The Institute, which performs about 500 transplants each year, is a collaborative endeavorbetween UHealth/Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine and Jackson Memorial Hospital. Working together, The Miami Transplant Institute strives to increase access to transplantation and improve quality of life. The Department of Health and Human Services recently honored the program with aSilver awards for the Kidney Program and Bronze awards for the Liver and Pancreas Programs.

For more information on the Miami Transplant Institute, please call 305 355-5000 or visit www.miamitransplant.com.


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